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ZodiacGraph is a node graph user interface module with a unique visual and conceptual design. It is written in modern C++, using C++11 features. The showcase appliation has been tested under Linux and Windows, yet as the code does not have any dependencies beside Qt, it should run on OSX as well. Sources are released under the LGPL version 3.

The public repository contains ZodiacGraph embedded in a showcase application to demonstrate the UI from a user’s perspective as well as to serve as an example for using the code in your own project.

The complete ZodiacGraph module is contained within the “zodiacgraph” subfolder and nested in the “zodiac” namespace. Code outside this folder is part of the showcase application and only serves demonstration purposes.

The ZodiacGraph is a pure user user interface that does not contain any business logic in itself. Therefore, it should fit most use-cases that require a node graph-like GUI. However, to fully utilize its potential, the showcase application does contain two controller classes that connect the node graph UI elements to the rest of the application.

Check out the 40 second teaser trailer:

ZodiacGraph Teaser from Clemens Sielaff on Vimeo.

The developer of  ZodiacGraph specializes in Animation and VFX programming. ZodiacGraph is a spare-time project that he has been working on for about 4 months now, but the idea is a lot older. At the moment he is a postgrad student at Saarland University.

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