V-Play Sample Launcher

Allows you to quickly test the open-source examples and demo games available with the V-Play SDK.

V-Play Game Engine is a cross-platform 2D game and app engine based on Qt, utilizing the power of QML for rapid development.

Windows  OSX

This application is intended to give an overview of the demos and examples that are included in the V-Play Game Engine SDK. You can directly run and test them from within the Sample Launcher, view the documentation and the source code.

Included demos:

  • Squaby – Tower Defense
  • Flappy Bird – Side Scroller
  • Chicken Outbreak – Falldown
  • Stack With Friends – Physics
  • BalloonPop – Physics
  • Multi Scene Multi Level – Arcade
  • Car Challenge – Racing
  • Zombie Break – Breakout
  • Ninja – Arcade
  • Stack the Box – Physics
  • Stack the Box with Editor – Physics
  • V-Play Particle Editor – Tools

Included examples:

  • Content Scaling
    Create responsive layouts independent of resolution, aspect-ratio and screen density.
  • Sprites
    Visual components like animated sprite-sequences or parallax backgrounds.
  • Particles
  • Multimedia
    Audio, Video and more.
  • Physics
    Box2D feature overview.
  • NativeUtils
    Open platform-native dialogs, open urls and more
  • AI
    Helpful compontents to implement AI movement.
  • ItemEditor
    Balance your game at runtime, by changing any property value.
  • V-Play Level Editor
    Allows in-game level creation and balancing with the ItemEditor and LevelEditor components.
  • V-Play Game Network
    Connect your players worldwide with cross-platform leaderboards, achievements and challenges.
  • V-Play Plugins
    Add in-app purchases, ads, analytics and more in no time.
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