Ukemi Ninja

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Run, roll and fight as a Ukemi Ninja in this free physics based 2D platform game!

Ukemi Ninja is on a mission to rescue villagers from the four evil ancient Dragons!

The journey consists of passing dozens of challenging levels through various different worlds, and finally defeating the four Dragons and stop the chaos of the once peaceful villages.

Run, roll, punch, kick, jump and swing you way through different levels in this awesome 2d physics platformer. Use your weapon arsenal to solve multiple puzzles and fight your enemies. Collect diamonds and power-ups. Get daily rewards and improve your level time to earn trophies.

The game includes 5 unique chapters with over 70+ levels to play. Can you pass them all and be the true Ukemi Ninja?


  • Fun yet challenging gameplay!
  • 2D physics based platform game
  • Many different weapons & power-ups
  • Several worlds with dozens of unique levels
  • Epic battles with the four Dragons!
  • Physics puzzle elements
  • Save the villagers from the evil Dragons!

NotskiGames is a small indie game group from Oulu, Finland. Our passion is to make awesome mobile games. Ukemi Ninja is our first published creation. For any matter, please contact us via e-mail.

Time to play. Khiyaa-aaaaa!

We are NotskiGames. Agile indie game studio from Oulu, Finland. Our passion is to create pocket-sized games with galaxy-sized entertainment.

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