TRSE is an open-source and complete IDE (code editor, Pascal compiler, image and resource editor) for developing demos and games for the Commodore 64, VIC-20, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Commodore PET, C128, Plus/4, the Amiga 500 and old-school X86 programs. TRSE contains more than 250 tutorials to get you started with creating your own software for your favorite 8/16 bit system!  New systems are constantly being added.  See youtube.

TRSE is developed with Qt, and cross-compiles to linux/windows/macos. The entire IDE (code editor, image editor), and compiler (lexer, parser, asm-builder and assembler) are all written from scratch using Qt’s glorious libraries! TRSE would not have been possible without Qt.

The development of TRSE started in March 2018. TRSE currently has more than ~1000 active users.

The source code is available on github.

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