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Taskfabric Organize:Pro 1.9 is designed for freelancers, project managers and professional users. It includes powerful features to manage large task lists, track task delegations and task progress. Organize:Pro is your perfect companion for every meeting and for managing projects.

Organize:Pro is intuitive and easy to learn. Tasks can be added in Organize as list, with a system wide shortcut or by dropping files, web links or emails on Organize. MindMapping, GTD (Getting Things Done), Contexts, AID and RACI is fully supported by Organize. And it allows you to add formatted notes, file attachments and web links to each task to keep everything you need to get your tasks done together in one place.

Organize:Pro 1.9 is available now for Windows, Mac and iOS. Free 14 days trial versions are available at

What makes Organize:Pro different

  • Native on Windows, Mac, iOS and Web with full OS integration (i.e. drop any mail, file or web link on Organize:Pro to create a new task)
  • Full featured Task Manager with support for subprojects and subtasks
  • Supports GTD unlimited contexts (locations, people, events) for each task
  • Calendar integration on Mac (OSX Calendar) and Windows (Outlook Calendar)
  • Comes with Project Templates and allows you to save your own projects as templates for re-use

What’s new

  • New Taskfabric Cloud2 Sync: Free cloud based auto-sync for your tasks on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Web
  • Free online access to your tasks at


Organize:Pro Key features

  • Simple – Easy to use, intuitive interface with multiple themes
  • Beautiful – Choose your favorite layout from different UI Themes
  • Powerful – Supports your favorite organization method (like GTD or Contexts)
  • Review your Tasks – Powerful review features (daily, weekly, monthly) with reminders
  • Flexible – Really flexible in structuring your tasks: supports subtasks, sub-projects, sub-contexts
  • Meetings – Special features to support you in meetings (like AID classification – Action, Information, Decision)
  • RACI Task Delegation – Makes task delegation and tracking easy (RACI matrix – Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)
  • Dashboard – Easily manage multiple projects with the Project Dashboard
  • Templates and Defaults for Tasks – Set default values for new tasks
  • Cloud and WiFi Sync – Free Cloud Sync with all editions of Organize included
  • MindMapping – plan your tasks as lists with subtasks or view them as MindMap with the simple click of a button
  • System Integration – Quick-Add window and system-wide shortcuts to capture new tasks
  • Plays well with Others – Drop emails, web links or files on Organize to convert them to tasks
  • Calendar Integration – displays your OSX calendar (Mac) or Outlook calendar (Windows) side by side with your tasks
  • Project Templates – Save and re-use your own projects or choose from our template library

Taskfabric is a young and innovative startup company located in Hamburg, Germany. After spending years as project managers in many different situations, from large corporations to small companies, we found no task manager on the market to be able to handle real world complexity and situations very well. This motivated us to create the Organize productivity suite — designed for professionals and business users. Organize has now a professional user base of over 500,000 users and is fast growing. We’re continually enhancing Organize to make it the product of your choice for professional task management in a business environment.

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