TAO Translator

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TAO Translator uses online translation services to provide translations.

Currently supported services:

  • Google Translate: supports translation, language detection, dictionary and reverse translations for single words.
  • Microsoft Translator (a.k.a. Bing Translator): supports translation only.
  • Yandex.Translate: supports translation and language detection.
  • Yandex.Dictionaries: supports dictionary with synonyms and reverse translations.

More services might be added in future.

Originally, TAO was written BlackBerry 10 and then ported to other platforms, thanks to Qt 🙂

At the time I wrote this app BlackBerry 10 platform was new and there were no apps that would allow you to use several translation services in one app + none of existing translation apps would show dictionary and reverse translations provided by Google Translate service.

One not apparent “feature” is available UI languages (selected based on the phone language): Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian + Czech and Danish pending for next release.

There are plans to make TAO Translator available on desktop systems and Android and iOS versions are also in the plans.

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