Simple Audio


Simple Audio Desktop Client and Roomplayer+


Windows  OSX

Simple Audio designs and develops Roomplayer+, a high-res music streamer with a unique multi-user, multi-library, multi-room capability. Command and control is provided by the Desktop Client for OSX and Windows.

Through our software we give users the ability to index their iTunes music, music folders and NAS drives, synchronously stream HD audio to multiple rooms as well as provide access to many web based music streaming services. Users interact with their music using a visually rich interface populated with album artwork which allows music to be played quickly in any room. Qt powers both the Desktop Client and Roomplayer+.

The software stack for the desktop clients and Roomplayer are built on a common core. Roomplayer is a cross compiled application that runs on an ARM core. We use Qt Opensource and make use of many modules, QtGui, QtNetwork, QtXml, QtSql, QtDbus. We have developed our own communication layer that all our software communicates through, this layer builds upon QtNetwork which is integral to the products.

We have developed a lot of common code that is shared between the Roomplayer and desktop apps. For example the classes used to communicate with online music services is the same regardless of whether the query to the service is made on the desktop or embedded platform. This just demonstrates the power of writing code once and running it on multiple platforms.

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