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QElectroTech is a Qt4 application to design electric diagrams. It uses XML files for elements and diagrams, and includes both a diagram editor, a element editor, and an title block editor.

QElectroTech provides software applications and services for electrician to create, share and to design electric diagrams. QElectroTech offers free and open source software. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, it’s translated in 17 languages .

QElectroTech is made with the open source edition of Qt.

QElectroTech users can create an account on qelectrotech.org and share their work with the community and the world.

QElectroTech is founded by Xavier Guerrin and Benoit Ansieau, now continued by laurent Trinques, Joshua Claveau and Abhishek Bansal. (http://qelectrotech.org/contact.html). Their goal is to help electrical education and all electricians for design electrical, hydraulics or pid diagram.

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