Picture Rescue 2


Picture Rescue 2


Windows  OSX

Picture Rescue 2 is makes it easy to recover deleted and lost images and videos from camera cards. It can often recover files which have become inaccessible to normal programs due to media corruption, accidental deletion, or reformatting. Over 20 image, raw and video formats are supported. In addition to data recovery, Picture Rescue 2 can also securely format a card in order to permanently erase all media. Lastly, Picture Rescue 2 can perform a test on the card to determine whether the card is physically damaged or failing.

Picture Rescue 2 is available for OS X 10.7 or greater and Windows 7 or greater.

Developed by Prosoft Engineering, Inc., in business since 1985, Picture Rescue 2 incorporates over a decade of file recovery experience.

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