Golden Cheetah


Golden Cheetah

Windows  OSX Linux

GoldenCheetah is a program for cyclists, especially those with power meters.

Download and import activities from most popular bike computers from CycleOps, SRM, Polar, Garmin and others Analyse, track and review performance data and metrics Train indoors with realtime monitoring supporting trainers from Racermate, Tacx and any ANT+ device.

GoldenCheetah supports all current power meters including SRM, PowerTap and Vector and all of the most popular application file formats. You can analyse and compare performance data across different rides, intervals, seasons and even compare athletes. You can share and export data to popular online services like Strava and TrainingPeaks. You can record and plot data as you ride indoors including support for video, ANT+ power,  virtual power and computer controlled trainers from Racermate, Wahoo and Tacx.

Advanced analysis features include; time series, histogram, scatter, 3d, pedal force/velocity, aerobic and anaerobic stress, power duration, personal bests and supports over 100 metrics including altitude power, LR balance, TSS, BikeScore, NP and xPower. You can even analyse subsets of data using free text search and advanced data filtering.

It supports Mac OS X (including Yosemite), Linux, OpenBSD and Windows.

The lead developer isa 47 year old hack that cut his teeth on C in the 80s. But as GoldenCheetah is an OSS project there are many other contributors too!

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