GoldBug Secure Instant Messenger

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GoldBug is a secure Instant Messenger. You can be sure with using GoldBug (GB), that no third party can look testinto your chat communication. Private user-to-user communication remains private. GoldBug uses strong multi-encryption with different layers of modern encryption technologies of well known and revised crypto libraries (like libgcrypt (GnuPG) and OpenSSL). The app also offers decentral and encrypted Email and decentral public E*IRC-Chat.

Goldbug’s features include:

  • Secure P2P Instant Messaging Chat from Friend to Friend without relying on a central server.
  • Key- / Repleo-Exchange. Define & Add your friends.
  • Full decentral Chat- & Instant Messaging-Network using the Echo Protocol (EMPP = Echoed Messaging and Presence Protocol) # Store Email for Offline-Friends in the P2P Network.
  • e2e Encryption (PK over SSL: using libgcrypt with LGPLv2.1+ License).
  • OpenSSL
  • Easy Setup for Listening Services of a decentral dedicated EMPP-Chat-Server.
  • Libspoton Integration.
  • Additional Security Layer with the Gemini-Feature for Chat-Partners.
  • Preventing Data Retention (VDS). WoT-less.
  • HTTP & HTTPS Connections.
  • Open Source. BSD License for GUI. For libraries see libraries: libgcrypt with LGPLv2.1+ license, Open SSL with OpenSSL license and Qt is available under GPL v3, LGPL v2.
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