FireFloo Messenger


Windows Also source code for: OSX Linux

FireFloo is an instant messaging communicator combining the open XMPP standard (Jabber, GMail Chat etc.) with the echo protocol for multi-encrypted messaging. Use various methods to send chipertext over open standards like libgcrypt and encrypt your private communication.

FireFloo Commuicator 1.0 provides encrypted chat and group-chat based on asymmetric (RSA or ElGamal) encryption or, second, a symmetic chat based on end-to-end encryption.

The chat app is hybrid with XMPP and the libgcrypt library for the encryption.

An own chat server is easily installed with this application, currently provided for windows desktop.

Linux and Mac OS X compile files are given and easily to adjust to the windows compile (pro-files).

A mobile layout is given as well and soon ready for a mobile compile, if – as the app is open source – the community supports it and helps with the development.

The indish FireFloo-Team around the Q-XMPP founder and developers appreciates contributions from the community for further encryption evaluations, gui development and mobile compiles.

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