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Colors! is an addictive and fun puzzle game of matching colorful blocks to make new ones.

This might sound like an easy task but it’s actually quite challenging. The blocks always slide as far as they can until they hit a wall or another block. There are 7 colors that were chosen to fit elegantly into each other. This makes a compelling gameplay that feels wonderful and looks good.

How to play

  • Slide the blocks on the game area up, down, left or right. All the blocks will slide at the same time until they hit a wall or another block.
  • Push blocks of the same color into each other and they combine into a block of the next color.
  • One new block appears on the game area after every slide.
  • Don’t let the game area get filled or the game ends.
  • Remember to have fun 😉

You can share your score on twitter after every colorful session.

Game critics have praised this game to be an absolute must have with a brilliant design idea behind it’s great execution.

This game is suitable for everyone, girls, boys, men & women of all ages. There aren’t any numbers to calculate but there is a brain twisting logic challenge.

The developer, SnowGrains, is a startup company from Oulu Finland which basis to solid multi-years experience of positive execution of products. Apps and games from SnowGrains help people achieve their dreams with smile on their face.

The company was started in January 2014, and since then it has created and published 5 games in 5 months.

Snowgrains is looking to publish and cross promote games with partner companies together with the strategy: When one succeeds all succeed!

SnowGrains uses Qt technology to leverage the power of cross platform toolset and a faster time to market.

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