Super Flip

Super Flip

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Super Flip is a fun and fast-paced arcade game where you have to match shapes and colors! Bundled with a lot of themes and a colorful style, it tests your fast fingers skills. Suitable for any ages, Super Flip is a perfect brain workout and a very addictive game!

Why Super Flip is a must play:

  • It’s endless, simple and very easy to play!
  • You can improve your performance each step and try to beat your friends’ score!
  • There’s a bunch of themes to unlock!
  • It gives you a fantastic, complete and unique gaming experience: try out Classic, Zen and Arcade game modes!

The One Pixel is a creative studio from Portugal, focused on innovation, software, creativity and interaction.

By combining design, technology, multimedia and creative solutions, the studio develops interactive apps, games, visual and graphic projects, using primarly Qt technology to boost them into market.

Their motto: ‘making the impossible possible’.

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