Stack And Friends

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Stack as many boxes as fast as you can, in endless user-generated levels, in this physics-based action game made with V-Play!

Stack and Friends showcases the possibilities of building a game around user-generated content.


  • Free on all platforms
  • The faster you spawn new boxes, the more bonus points you get!
  • Stack boxes by clever dragging them around and with tilting your device.
  • Compare your score world-wide in 1000s of levels created by the community and your friends.
  • Create your OWN LEVELS and get rewards for making cool levels!
  • Earn credits for unlocking achievements.
  • Challenge your friends to play your own levels and play their levels in return.
  • Full source code available in V-Play SDK

V-Play Game Engine is a cross-platform 2D game and app engine based on Qt, utilizing the power of QML for rapid development.

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