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Squaby is a Tower Defense game made with V-Play, where you can create your own levels and share them with players around the world.

Remember those dark nights spent terrified of monsters under the bed? Well now it’s time to strike back!

Stop the cute Squabies with merciless weapons before they reach your bed in this classic tower defense game. Place the weapons strategically in the right spots along the monster’s path to your bed. Earn gold for each stopped Squaby stepping out of your closet to build and upgrade towers – the scoring system rewards clever gameplay and bring you to the top leaderboard ranks.

Play in 10 thrilling levels created by the V-Play team and defend your bed in thousands of user-generated levels. You can then even create your own levels in minutes and share them with your friends and the player community. Collect rewards and spend them on new levels and challenge your friends or other gamers in the world.

It is open-source and comes with cross-platform leaderboards & achievements, powered by V-Play Game Network as well as in-app purchases, ad banners and interstitial ads.


  • Free to play and new levels daily
  • Build your own levels and share them with thousands of gamers worldwide
  • Collect rewards & achievements for building cool levels
  • Per-Level leaderboards showcase the best strategic players
  • Beautiful comic art styled world
  • Extend your bed to an invulnerable fortress
  • 3 merciless weapons to stop 6 Squaby types: Nailgun, Flamethrower and Turbine
  • Full source code available in V-Play SDK

V-Play Game Engine is a cross-platform 2D game and app engine based on Qt, utilizing the power of QML for rapid development.

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