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SoftairRealFight allows you to play the Softair game as you have never done before…

The platform permits you to play softair with your friends (mates and enemies) using a radar in which POIs and players (red and blue points) are displayed thru your device, just like a radar in a game!

All players will download the same informations about the map you are going to play, like POIs (image, coordinates and name), enemies and mates (name and degree) and each device starts to get geo-coordinates (using all kind of localizations) and communicates that over internet to central server to spread all positions to each others. Both teams have their own commander that can send messages and commands (e.g. reach a target) to their own mates using prestored texts and radio-voices…

It works as navigator and realtime communication between members of team. It uses all sensors (i build my own compass where it was not present), qt gps module, qt network module, my own posix c/c++ network library, qt multimedia module, vibration and no idle screen (doing that in native API for each OSs)

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