QuickFit 3

QuickFit 3

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QuickFit 3 is a scientific data evaluation software for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and its imaging variants, developed in the group B040 (Prof. Jörg Langowski) at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). It is used by several research labs around the world.

Actually QuickFit 3 itself is a project manager and all functionality is added as plugins (currently there are more than 50 plugins already integrated). A set of tested plugins for FCS, imagingFCS and some microscopy-related image processing tasks (e.g. colocalization analysis, 3D volume rendering, …) is supplied together with the software. New plugins that provide additional features will be added to this distribution of QuickFit when they become available. QuickFit is also distributed with a set of plugins that allow to control microscopes and perform several types of measurements on these.

QuickFit routinely runs on Windows and Linux and the next release will also be distributed as a MacOS X app-bundle. The source code is fully open-source and available on GitHub.

The development process of the software started as part of a PhD thesis and is still going on. During the last years, several students in the research group have contributed to the code base.

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