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QtWepApp is a HTTP server library in C++, inspired by Java Servlets.

QtWebApp contains the following components:

  • HTTP 1.1 Server
  • Template Engine
  • File Logger
  • Windows Service Installer
  • Demo Applications

The HTTP server processes incoming requests in concurrent threads. It supports persistent connections, HTTPS, session cookies, and file-uploads.

A simple multi-language capable template engine is included, that fills placeholders in text files with runtime values. The template engine also supports conditional output and loops. Other larger template engines, such as ClearSilver, may be used as an alternative.

The logger plugs into Qt and redirects log messages from qDebug(…) to qFatal(…) to files, while they are enriched with additional attributes like timestamp, thread ID, session ID and some more. Changes to the configuration file of the logger become active automatically without program restart.

The QtService component enables you to set up your application as a Windows Service.

The small memory requirement of about 2MB qualifies the web server to be used in embedded systems. But it’s also powerful enough for larger web services.

For the tutorial on how to use the library, please see: http://stefanfrings.de/qtwebapp/tutorial/index.html

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