Particle Editor

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Particle Editor for Cocos2d and V-Play is the ultimate particle creation tool for your games which allows you to visually configure stunning particle effects in real-time for a wide variety of games and game engines including V-Play, Cocos2d and Cocos2d-x. Easily change the properties of any existing particle with the particle editor to generate new effects and save them to a file or send them per email for further usage in other applications.


  • Free on all platforms
  • Create and test particles in real-time on any target device
  • Test the exact performance how the particle will impact your V-Play or Cocos2d game directly on target devices
  • Test multiple particles of a scene at once and optimize them instantly
  • Use predefined particles and create your own ones
  • Export .json for usage in V-Play
  • Export .plist for usage in Cocos2d & Cocos2d-x
  • Full source code available in V-Play SDK
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