OpenPilot GCS

Windows  OSX Linux

OpenPilot GCS is a ground control station and configuration application for the open-source OpenPilot family of flight control, telemetry modem and autopilot boards.

The application is used for firmware uploading, configuration, control and telemetry monitoring. The application supports all available OpenPilot boards.

OpenPilot GCS run on Windows, Linux x32/x64 and MacOSX.

OpenPilot is true open-source, developed by a non profit group of individual hardware and software developers.

OpenPilot GCS is developed in C++ using Qt 5.2. It uses QtGUI and QtQuick2 to implement a wide variety of GUI solutions used to control, communicate with and configure the OpenPilot hardware. OpenPilot GCS is built with the same design as QtCreator and fully supports plugins.

OpenPilot GCS is developed, tested and built on Windows, Linux x32/x64 and MacOSX.

OpenPilot GCS uses several other open-source libraries to provide the functionality needed for a Ground Control Station.

The latest addition still under development (unreleased) is a plugin using the Marble ( mapping libraries to implement flight path planner and GPS telemetry tracking capabilities. Some C++11 features are explored in this plugin to get a better design.

For more information about the OpenPilot project or if you have any further questions, please contact Frederik Arvidsson, or anyone in the core development team via the OpenPilot GCS website or forum.

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