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Oh Hell – Online Spades Game


The popular Spades card game Oh Hell – also known as Bid Whist or Wizard.


This card game is easy to learn but tactically demanding and with a lot of long-term fun: Predict the number of tricks per round, bid correctly and correctly assess your card hand, but also factor in the announcements of your opponents.

Oh Hell is a descendant of the Whist family of card games, which also includes Bridge, Hearts, and Spades.

Whether at break times, on the go or at home, a push of a button is all it takes and you play Spades online with thousands of other players – or play against the computer without the Internet.

The app is built in Qt and available on iOS and Android.

DonkeyCat is an Austrian software company specialized on mobile gaming app development, especially card  games like Schnapsen, 31 or Oh Hell.

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