Night Clock

Night Clock

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Night Clock is a simple clock app which shows time in large friendly numbers. You can use it as a night clock, while charging your device, or in any other way you come up with.

Main features:

  • works well both in portrait and in landscape mode
  • few beautiful clock themes to chose from
  • option to select text (foreground) and background colour from many predefined colours
  • option to set your own colour for both foreground and background
  • time and date format are adjustable
  • option to display seconds
  • possibility to quickly switch between 2 modes (“night” and “day”)
  • clock position on the screen can be changed manually
  • optional “screen saver” mode to prevent screen burn-in

The app is available for Android and Ubuntu devices.

The designer and developer loves making beautiful apps, mostly for Ubuntu devices. Loving the power and simplicity of QML.

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