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MuseScore provides software applications and services for musicians to create, share and use sheet music.

To create music, MuseScore offers free and open source music notation software. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, it’s translated in 45 languages and has been downloaded many millions of times. MuseScore notation software is steadily becoming curriculum software in music education worldwide and can be downloaded from

The desktop MuseScore applications are made with the open source edition of Qt, and the mobile clients are made with Qt Mobile.

MuseScore users can create an account on and share their work with with the community and the world. The site has social features such as commenting, annotating, embedding, statistics, groups and it comes with an open API for third party developers.

To use sheet music MuseScore offers mobile apps for smartphones and tablets for reading, listening, practising and performing scores at home or on the go. There are apps for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. All made with Qt Mobile.

MuseScore is founded by Thomas Bonte, Nicolas Froment and Werner Schweer ( Their goal is to help musicians to master their instruments and guide them to learn to play their favorite songs.

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