MeeRun Sports Tracker

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MeeRun is a Sports Tracking application which provides a user-friendly and powerful way to monitor and review your sport activities. It offers all the functionalities needed to record your workouts using the GPS unit of your phone and gives you access to many statistics, interval tables and charts. Additionally, the pro version supports heart rate monitoring, interactive reviews with time line as well as GPX import/export.

With MeeRun, no account is required. Our goal is to help you to track your sports activities, not to track you! Even with the free version, we won’t bother you with ads, pop-ups, reminders and spams. Our philosophy: 0% ads, 100% privacy! Instead of forcing you to share your activities on social networks, we prefer to focus on accuracy, ease of use, quality and innovative features.

The workouts can be optionally uploaded to our modern and secure web portal ( for an optimal reviewing experience on your web browser.

  • Main functionalities:
  • Running, cycling, hiking, skiing, skating, driving and more
  • Real-time monitoring: distance, time, current/average/maximum speed, pace, calories, altitude, elevation gain/loss, …
  • High quality audio prompts (English and German)
  • Use of the headset button to control your workout or trigger audio feedback
  • Statistics and diagrams (speed, intervals, elevation, …)
  • Split table (manual and automatic splits)
  • Live maps (streets, satellite and more)
  • Integrated music player
  • High performance filter for a better accuracy
  • Energy-saving lock screen
  • Upload to the web portal
  • Send workout summary and map by e-mail
  • Light-weight and intuitive UI
  • No ads, no account required!

Optionally, if you upgrade to the PRO version:

  • Heart rate monitoring (HRM): supports most Bluetooth monitors, including BT 4.0 Smart devices (BlueLeza HRM Blue, Zephyr BT/HxM+, Polar Wearlink+/H6/H7, Mio Alpha BT, …)
  • Interactive review with navigation bar (time line)
  • Unlimited audio-feedback
  • Altitude correction and elevation profile (with grades, gain/loss, …)
  • Indoors activities (treadmill, spinning, gymnastic, …)
  • 5 configurable heart rate zones
  • Auto-pause
  • GPX file import/export
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