Lightbulb IM


Lightbulb is an instant messenger written using QtQuick library and qxmpp. Currently it’s available only on Symbian but can be ported to other platforms after replacing Symbian-specific bits in code and adjusting the UI.

It supports basic XMPP functionality, comes with a homescreen widget, can suport unlimited number of accounts simultaneously and has lots of customization options. It has a native Symbian look-and-feel, supports many platform-specific feaures like chat notification icon on top-bar, discreet popups, phones notification LED etc.

At this point, nightly builds also support XMPP multi-user chat, chatstates and more.

Developed by a Qt developer who loves consistent UIs, cats and lots of coffee.

The source for the application can be found at https://github.com/ksiazkowicz/lightbulb

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