Kindid's Great British Word Search

Kindid’s Great British Word Search


Kindid’s Great British Word Search is a word search for KS1/KS2 students of the British Primary Curriculum.

  • Uses British spelling and is perfect for school age children.
  • Includes reward stickers and info-facts that make your brain grow! Every time you complete a puzzle you’ll open up beautiful pictures and interesting facts.

Did you know a snail’s top speed is only 45 meters per hour? Did you know that pigs make great pets?

Well… now you do!


The game uses our own library of QML components and many features offered by QML.

Scene transitions are beautifully animated. Real time graphical effects allow really nice drop shadow effects and direct access to shaders has allowed many useful optimizations of regular objects allowing us to leverage the insane compute power available in mobile GPUs.

Animating our characters, whilst not trivial, is extremely flexible using the QML animation and transition system.

Access to OS features such as the speech synthesizer has meant that we have no OS native code and the only C++ code we’ve required has been models for database access and persistence which we auto-generate from a object level description.

Our next target is releasing for Android but we really develop everything on Mac and only test on iPad or when there are specific features such as multitouch that are platform specific.

We’re proud to be fully paid up Qt developers!

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