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kdAmn is a dAmn (deviantART Messaging Network) client written in C++ and using Qt framework.

kdAmn is a simple to use chat program, but it supports a lot of features and integrations of other services such as oEmbed. Thanks to the good design choices and excellent documentation of Qt, developing kdAmn has been fast and let the developer focus on features instead of low-level stuff or UI.

kdAmn features include:

  • Implements dAmn protocol and some DiFi commands
  • Multi-platform (Windows, GNU/Linux, OS X and possibly all other platforms supported by Qt and CMake)
  • Download of thumbnails/icons/avatars/etc…
  • oEmbed support for several sites, when a link is detected it displays a thumbnail
  • OAuth2 authentication
  • Timestamp display
  • Users and commands auto-completion
  • Multi-lines messages
  • Save channels and connection parameters in an INI file
  • System tray icon with notifications when someone mention our name or talks
  • Log files in HTML or test for each channel
  • Drag and drop to upload a file to Stash
  • Upload screenshot to Stash
  • Encode all HTML special characters because DA chat only supports ASCII
  • Download and install new versions when detected
  • Sound notification
  • Support animated images
  • Allow to create custom CSS for chat
  • Check regularly for notes
  • Display and send notes
  • English and French translations

The developer, Kervala is a French 39 years old developer who particularly likes to code personal projects in C++ and release them under GPLv3 licenses. The Qt framework is his first choice for applications with graphical interfaces.

The source code for kdAmn can be downloaded from : http://hg.kervala.net/kdamn/

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