Still & 360 Product Photography Software

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Still and 360 Product Photography Software that is designed to streamline in-house photography workflow efficiency while enabling users to create better quality images. Users simply connect a compatible camera through USB to their computer and are now able to control the entire image capture process through mouse clicks. The Image Composition Tools make creating high quality, consistent product images simple for users of any skill level. As images are captured through mouse clicks they are instantly uploaded to the program for viewing, editing, processing and output – which can be set up as a completely automated workflow

By integrating image composition, capture, batch editing and processing tools into a single stand-alone application, users experience an average of 650% increase efficiencies vs. standard photography workflows. Solutions include still and 360 product photography software that is guaranteed to save businesses time and money every time an image is captured. Additional info about our software solutions can be found here.

About the developer

Iconasys Inc. is headquartered in Irvine, CA and backed by a tightly knit team of developers who share a mutual passion for still, 360 and 3D imaging technologies. By working with Canon and Nikon Corporations, we have been able to develop applications that control camera hardware through software commands (camera connects through USB to computer and user controls all camera hardware functionality through mouse clicks). Camera control is at the root of all our applications and we further develop/integrate additional features and functionality to cater our solutions to different business imaging applications.

We are focused on delivering affordable and user friendly imaging solutions to the end consumer that streamline imaging workflows while taking the guesswork out of high quality imaging. Iconasys seeks to become the leading photography software provider for business applications. Learn more about Iconasys.

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