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Dragonframe is a well-established software package for capturing stop motion animation using digital still and high-end video cameras.

Running on Mac OS X and Windows, it is designed for professionals and is widely used in film production and advertising, playing a pivotal role in the creation of Oscar-nominated features such as ParaNorman and Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.

The adoption of Qt has delivered the twin benefits of higher performance and greater efficiency. Native coding and tight OpenGL integration has resulted in the speed and fluency of operation that film makers relish. While the cross-platform capabilities, extensive class support and intuitive functionality has allowed each developer hour to stretch further, enabling more to be achieved.

Lead developer, Dyami Caliri, sums up his experience: “This project was mainly about porting our existing application to improve performance and lay the groundwork for future updates. Without Qt, we would be stuck in the past with no real way forward. Qt has provided us with an efficient solution to develop, maintain and improve our application for the future.”

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