Dooble Web Browser

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Dooble is a free and open source web browser.

Dooble Web browser was created and is designed and implemented in order to improve privacy, security and usability while browsing the web. Currently, Dooble is available for Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Dooble uses Qt for its user interface and abstraction from the operating system and processor architecture.  Dooble is the only web browser with an implemented cookie washer in an advanced Cookie Management: Along with standard cookie management options, Dooble also provides a mechanism that automatically removes cookies. If permitted, Dooble will occasionally remove undesired cookies. Most of the data that Dooble Web Browser retains is encrypted. Dooble also provides a session-based model where the data is encrypted with a temporary password. Next to further features the privacy per tab allows to have settings per browsed tab created.

Get rid of the tracking web with Dooble web Browser. Dooble also provides an integrated Desktop, and File- and FTP browser.

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