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Atlas is real time volumetric 3D editor and rendering engine. It combines the power and ease of voxels with image quality of regular mesh based models.

Main Features:

  • Real-time editing of terrain with arbitrary topography
  • Asset insert system
  • Procedural and bitmap generating of terrain
  • 3D VR mode for Google Cardboard
  • Transvoxel™ Algorithm (advanced marching cubes)
  • Deferred and forward lighting paths
  • Fog simulation
  • Real-time light and shadow
  • Import and manipulation with models (currently only .obj meshes are supported)
  • Seamless transition between terrain materials with bump-mapping
  • Support for GNU/Linux, MS Windows and Android
  • Rendering back-end for OpenGL 3.0, ES 2.0 (forward rendering only) and ES 3.0

In the future Atlas will receive a better touch UI and tools for model manipulation. Also one target for the developer is to open source the project loading library.

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