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2DRubik is the legendary puzzle in 2D-projections for the flat screen of your smartphone. It is recommended to all admirers of “Rubik’s Cube” and fans of logical games!

Task of the player to collect all sides of a cube from squares of one color, moving elements (horizontal and vertical lines) of a cube.


  • EASY (2х2х2) – so-called “Mini-cube”
  • NORMAL (3х3х3) – classic “Rubiks Cube”
  • HARD (4х4х4) – it is also known as “Rubiks Revenge”



  • NOVICE – easy mixing of a cube, for beginning players
  • EXPERT – hard mixing of a cube, for advanced players

No annoying advertising and in-game purchases!

Knead the brain and have fun 🙂

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